Disability Statement

The Mission Statement of University of Zurich declares that all people holding "the necessary entrance qualifications" have the right to receive a quality education at the University. The University further aims to provide "equal opportunity at all levels" for all members of the university - including people with disabilities. Consequently, the University of Zurich, its faculties and institutes take active measures to ensure that people with disabilities are able to participate in all university programs and services.

"Disability", as defines in Swiss legislation on equal rights for people with disabilities, is a phenomenon reflecting complex interactions between a particular feature of a human being and features of the society he or she lives in. Physical, visual or hearing mpairments influence the possibility to participate in social, professional and educational settings. Chronic illness, a mental disorder or a learning impairment such as dyslexia, Asperger's or attention deficiency syndrome all detract from an individual's ability to participate fully and effectively.

Facilitating inclusion in education and professional environments represents a decisive step toward widening participation and creating equal opportunity. At the University of Zurich, removing disadvantages plays a major role in ensuring fair conditions and helping people with disabilities reach their full potential. Measures taken comply with the Federal Law on Equal Rights (in effect since January 1st 2004) and the Constitution of the Canton of Zurich (in effect since January 1st 2006) and include:

  • ensuring general building accessibility,
  • creating digital accessibility, and
  • reasonable adjustments in teaching, studying and working conditions.

The Executive Board of the University created the Disability Office to ensure that people with disabilities have access to an inclusive and accessible academis, professional and social environment. Our office is open to all members of the University - regardless of wheter or not they have disabilities. The Disability Office's activities are supported by the University comission Academic Disability Commission. The commission, in turn, works with other organizations that promote equal rights for people with disabilities.

Zurich, July 19 th 2006